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  • Julie Johns, M.S., L.Ac.

December Special: Beat Holiday Stress & Boost Your Immune System with Happy Hour Acupuncture

Happy Hour Acupuncture only $50 now through the end of December*

(a $19 savings)

Did you know regular monthly acupuncture treatments tailored to combat stress also boost immune function? Research shows that regular acupuncture has a modulatory effect on the immune system by increasing white blood cells and natural killer (NK) cells. The most favorable effects of acupuncture on the immune functions appear 72 hours after the single session and persist one month after the end of the complete treatment (10 monthly sessions). (

*Happy Hour Acupuncture Sessions specifically focus on rest & relaxation & reducing feelings of stress. No other conditions will be addressed. Limit 1 per person. Gift certificates available for a unique holiday gift.

Schedule online or Call or text (303) 601-5380 to schedule an appointment. Please indicate "Happy Hour". Discounts will be given at time of payment.

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